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Is membership free?

When you register, you automatically receive 12 credit points credited to your account and you can immediately start downloading. Further credits must be bought and can be paid for through PayPal.

Why isn´t everything free?

Quality comes at a cost. At, only CAD Specialists can publish in their area of expertise. The essential difference between this library and libraries which can be purchased at considerable cost is that, at they pay only for the detail they need at that time. The CAD Authors set their own prices for the work.

Who are is a platform by professionals, for professionals. The owner of the platform is himself an Architectural Draughting graduate and media specialist. The Support Team are all people from the Planning industry.

Who are the publishers?

Authors and planners have been personally invited by

I would like to publish CAD Files or reference books (e-Books, Tutorials,).

You'r a expert and have reliable references? If this is the case, please contact us. We are still looking for publishers in all disciplines.

Why are only Autocad formats available for downloading?

If we were to offer other formats, the technical workload needed would be simply too time consuming. There is enough software out there, Freeware too, with which you can convert files without too much trouble.


You can buy and download details, with the proviso that you only use them in your drawings and for your customers. Any transfer to third parties, publication or even resale is strictly forbidden!


All details and plans are offered to you as seen. You and your specialist knowledge must be able to best assess how you will actually use them. If in any doubt, always consult a specialist in the field. and all publicists expressly refuse any liability for damages incurred of any kind.