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 Colbond Inc.

Name: Colbond Incorporated
Address: Enka, United States
Date of Registration: 05/20/2011

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Colbond Building Products 

Enkadrain® - Subsurface Drainage Composite 
Enkasonic® - Sound Control Matting / Available through Maxxon Corporation (
Enkamat® - Roof Underlayment and Root Reinforcement Matrix 
Enkavent® - Radon Control Matting
EnkaRetain & Drain – Drainage Mat & Water Retention Composite for Green Roof Applications
Enkaturf Drain® - Athletic Field Drainage Mat.

What makes our products unique is our 95% open, entangled matrix structures and our ability to custom manufacture by heat-bonding, gluing, ultrasonic welding and stitching textiles, foils and paper creating some of the most innovative building products available in the market today. We now offer subsurface drainage products made from recycled polypropylene which contribute to LEED points, and have a strong presence in the North American green building products market with our environmentally friendly Enkadrain 3000R series drainage composites and our other green roof / roof garden products.

Our products promote a “healthy” building – allowing for free movement of air and water. When a building can breathe, there is less likelihood for trapped water. Colbond building products target the places where a designer wants a void – a “space” that makes the building function better by allowing moisture to evacuate, water to drain, and sound transmission to be eliminated. Depending on the application, our products offer the multiple benefits of ventilation, drainage, and sound attenuation – all-in-one product.

Colbond Building Products have proven performance and a history of successful installations. We have the data to back up our claims and offer products with performance guarantees. We partner with some of the most successful companies in the building products market to offer unique solutions for the best structure you can build.

We’re the thin line between comfort and catastrophe.

Colbond, Inc. 
Sand Hill Road 
PO Box 1057 
Enka, NC 28728 
Tel: (828) 665-5050 
Toll-Free: (800) 365-7391 
Fax: (828) 665-5009 
Web site: